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Pet Incubators/ICU Accessories

Pet Incubators/ICU Accessories

Observing the wonder of life's miracle is truly remarkable, yet there are moments when the littlest four-legged companions require additional assistance to flourish. With our incubators, you can create a secure, temperature-regulated haven within the comforts of your home, ensuring the tiniest puppies and kittens are primed for success.
Incubator/ Small ICU Rolling Storage Shelf
Incubator/ Small ICU Rolling Storage Shelf
Incubator Air Conditioning Unit
Incubator Air Conditioning Unit

Newborn Puppy and Kitten Incubators

The miracle of life is wonderful to witness, but sometimes, the tiniest four-legged friends need extra support to thrive. Our incubators allow you to set your smallest puppies and kittens up for success in a safe, temperature-controlled environment in the comfort of your own home.

If you are breeding for the first time, you may not even know what to expect. Taking extra precautions now can save lives and give your future puppies and kittens the head start they need.

The Aeolus UC-1803 Incubator is expertly designed and made with a user-friendly layout that both professionals and first-time breeders enjoy.

Backed by Decades of Veterinary Research

We spent 20+ years learning about animal welfare and creating a puppy and kitten incubator that is reliable, effective, and customizable. While it was made with neonatal dogs and cats in mind, it can also be useful for treating a variety of exotic animals and small pets as well, including rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, lizards, and birds.

You can easily combine the incubator with an oxygen concentrator to ensure that your tiny patients receive the respiratory support they need. It is easy to use even without professional experience, but dynamic enough to work well in veterinary settings as well.

Maintain Safe Body Temperatures With Custom Controls

Thanks to the custom temperature controls, you can create the right environment for any pet. Whether you are nursing puppies, kittens, birds, or reptiles, you can adjust the temperature with the touch of a button. Multiple fans ensure maximum comfort and ventilation at all times.

Adjust Humidity to Support Exotic Pets

The humidity levels can be raised to 85RH at 82 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure even reptiles are well-supported in the incubator. You can also attach the Aeolus humidity booster for higher levels.

ICU Accessories for Breeders and Veterinary Offices

In addition to our ICU incubator, we offer a variety of ICU accessories to help breeders, wildlife rescues, and veterinary practices nurse small animals and neonatal puppies and kittens back to health.

  • The Aeolus Pet 3-liter Oxygen Concentrator allows you to provide up to 2 hours of continuous oxygen therapy in an incubator at a flow rate of 1-3L/min.
  • A Rolling Storage Shelf allows you to stack two incubators on top of each other and safely move them as needed; this allows you to save space while providing round-the-clock care to your animals.
  • An Incubator Air Conditioning Unit easily attaches to the UC-1803 incubator for greater temperature control and chilled airflow.
  • Our Neonatal Phlegm Suckage Machine helps you easily clear airways of newborns or young puppies or kittens aspirating milk or formula.

Explore the complete range of Aeolus Pet breeding supplies today, and give the animals you care for the greatest start at life.

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