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Pet Oxygen Concentrators

Pet Oxygen Concentrators

An incubator provides a secure and comfortable environment for pets to thrive, while oxygen concentrators deliver supplementary assistance, promoting the development of robust, healthy lungs and facilitating efficient nutrient absorption into their bloodstream. Our newborn puppy and kitten oxygen concentrator represents the top choice for care of neonatal animals.
2 Liter Oxygen Concentrator
2 Liter Oxygen Concentrator

Newborn Puppy and Kitten Oxygen Concentrator

While an incubator offers pets a comfortable, safe space to grow, oxygen concentrators offer extra support to ensure they develop healthy, strong lungs and get all the nutrients they need in their bloodstream. Our newborn puppy and kitten oxygen concentrator is the best at-home solution for anyone looking to provide on-demand care to neonatal animals, including dogs, cats, and exotic pets.

Some small, full-grown animals can also benefit from the concentrator if they need additional support or ongoing oxygen therapy to support their well-being with a chronic health condition.

With adjustable controls ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours, you can provide 70-90% oxygen at a rate of 1-3L/min.

How to Provide Puppies and Kittens With At-Home Oxygen Therapy

First things first, you should coordinate with your vet to find out what oxygen support a pet needs, what settings are best, and how long to provide the therapy each day. Once you have been given specific instructions, providing therapy with Aeolus Pet’s UC-1803 incubator and 3 Liter Oxygen Concentrator is easy.

  1. Attach the device to the incubator using the convenient port.
  2. Place the puppy, kitten, or pet into the incubator.
  3. Turn on the oxygen concentrator, adjust the settings, and administer therapy for the specified period.

The incubator and oxygen concentrator can also be helpful for pets who are recovering from an illness, those who were born prematurely, or animals whose vet recommends oxygen therapy to manage a chronic condition.

Key Features

  • Simple setup with our UC-1803 Breeder’s Incubator for on-demand respiratory support.
  • Easy-to-manage airflow settings with a clear LCD screen and user-friendly interface.
  • Remote control included to allow easy adjustments from across the room.

While it’s made for pets, we kept humans in mind when designing our Oxygen Concentrator. Rather than be a complex piece of machinery that is hard to use and disruptive to your home, we created a simple, highly effective medical device that supports animals and makes it easier for you to care for them.

Even first-time breeders can feel comfortable managing newborns who need additional respiratory support at home. Just be sure to work with your veterinarian for specific guidance before administering any oxygen.

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At Aeolus Pet, we provide the highest quality supplies to keep your pets looking and feeling fur-tastic. You can always turn to us for the best products at great prices to take care of your four-legged companions.

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