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Boarding Kennels

Boarding Kennels

Boarding Kennels

Stainless Steel Cage Bank On Rolling Base
Stainless Steel Cage Bank On Rolling Base
Seamless Stainless Steel Cages
Seamless Stainless Steel Cages

Start a Dog Boarding Business With Professional Kennels

If you dream of starting your own dog boarding business, look no further than the boarding kennels by Aeolus Pet! Our stainless steel boarding kennels are perfect for all dog breeds, and they include everything you need to create a boarding space that suits your needs.

Already own your own boarding kennel? Make it even greater with durable, moveable dog boarding kennels optimized for every pet’s comfort and your convenience.

Durable, Secure Boarding Kennels

Our dog boarding kennels are made from 20 gauge 201 stainless steel, which is naturally resistant to fire, water, and corrosion. Its sleek appearance adds a professional appearance to your dog boarding set-up. At the same time, its durability yields a strong return on investment.

The heavy-duty floor grid has a plastic dip coating to ensure maximum durability and high performance.

Stainless steel dog kennels also help you board dogs safely for extended periods. The auto-closing, magnetic latch system makes for easy use without the worry of pets being able to escape.

Convenient Sizes to Suit Your Needs

Our Stainless Steel Cage Bank has two size options available, so you can craft your dream dog boarding space:

  • Small Stainless Steel Cage Bank — This compact model features two medium cages above one large dog kennel, perfect for comfortably housing small and medium-sized dogs.

  • Large Stainless Steel Cage Bank — Our larger model features two large kennels on the bottom, topped by four medium cages and five small cages on top for your tiniest boarding guests.

All large boarding kennels can be easily transformed into medium or small ones by inserting the divider panel. This allows you to tailor your boarding set-up to suit the needs of your current guest list.

Our seamless stainless steel cages also feature new noise reduction technology, reducing noise by up to 30%. This ensures you can always maintain a peaceful atmosphere for all your furry friends.

Easy to Clean and Move Anywhere You Need

Built on a stainless steel frame, our large and small dog boarding kennels are easy to move with heavy-duty zinc-plated casters that rotate 360 degrees. Meanwhile, the front wheels lock, ensuring that wherever you decide to place your kennels, they’ll stay in place until you need to move them again.

Each cage’s base includes plastic liquid plates that have been treated to prevent leakage along the side walls. The trays also feature a plastic blow mold to reinforce their stability.

You can easily slip trays out of the bottom of each kennel to make changes to pads and wipe up messes without having to remove dogs from their crates. Pets can remain comfortable on the narrow, stainless steel-lined floor that will not cause their feet to slip through or cause any discomfort. With a comfy bed or blanket, turning your boarding kennels into mini suites for four-legged companions is easy.

Get the Best for Your Boarding Guests From Aeolus Pets!

Aeolus Pet is the premier professional grooming, veterinary, and boarding supplies provider. In addition to boarding kennels, we also offer a variety of grooming tools, supplies, and trolleys for storage that will make running your business easier. Explore our collections to enhance your boarding experience!

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