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Four Berth Dog Show Trolley
Four Berth Dog Show Trolley
Mini Two Berth Double Decker Dog Show Trolley
Mini Two Berth Double Decker Dog Show Trolley
Dog Show Trolley Limited Edition Purple and Gold Four Berth Dog Show Trolley
Dog Show Trolley Limited Edition Purple and Gold Four Berth Dog Show Trolley

Professional Dog Show Trolleys

Getting ready for the ring? De-stress and prepare your pup for a fantastic show with one of our dog show trolleys, complete with a built-in grooming table and lightweight design.

A trolley serves as a multi-purpose tool for both junior and expert handlers alike.

Whether you need a portable cart to carry your dog show grooming supplies, a luggage cart, or even a transportable crate for a small breed, Aeolus trolleys are the perfect solution for your big day.

Portable Grooming Trolleys for On-the-Go Styling

From trimming to cutting, you can style your dog on one of our portable trolleys with loading capacities of up to 220 pounds (varies by model). This leaves ample space for large breeds and all the grooming supplies you may need on their big day.

With multiple colors and dividable models available, our dog show trolleys make it easy to keep any pup looking perfect inside and outside of the ring.

Simply attach our Dog Show Trolley Grooming Kit Arm (sold separately), and you can attach your dog’s lead for safe, secure styling.

Three, Four, and Two-Berth Trolleys for Every Handler

Whether you need a simple, compact dog grooming trolley or a double-decker, all-in-one dog show set-up, Aeolus dog show trolleys offer the perfect solution. Our smallest option, the mini KB-514, features all the storage and transportation you need in silver, purple, pink, blue, or black.

With the attachable grooming arm, you can easily place your small or medium-sized pooch on top for on-the-go grooming and any last-minute touch-ups they need before they go before the judges.

For those with greater needs (or larger pets!), the Aeolus KB-511 can be used as a two-, three-, or four-berth dog grooming trolley with removable dividers. Available in silver, pink, purple, blue, or black, you can choose the perfect color to suit you and your pet.

Security and Safety Combined

All of our trolleys feature a double locking system on each door for optimal security. Your supplies, luggage, phone, bag, and anything else you need on hand at the show venue will be safely protected in our trolleys.

If you use your dog show trolley as a portable pet carrier, the lock system offers added security and peace of mind.

Safety is also built into our design with a skid-resistant surface, a fold-down handle, and highly durable 6” non-pneumatic wheels that can easily glide across all sorts of terrains, including grass, gravel, and cement.

Built to Last

Our trolleys are all manufactured from durable, rust-resistant aluminum parts that are optimized for transportation. At the same time, our trolleys have been designed with portability in mind, weighing between 35 and 65 pounds.

With denoising rubber protectors, grooved skid-resistant surfaces, and heavy-duty parts that can withstand the rigors of dog show preparation, the Aeolus dog show trolleys are made to support you and your pet throughout their show career.

Get Ready to Be the Best in Show With Aeolus Pet!

Our dog show trolleys can easily be upgraded through various trolley accessories, like our easily attachable grooming arm, cup holder, and supply bag. Explore our wide range of grooming products, tools, and supplies to prepare you and your pooch for the big day.

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