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Veterinary Intensive Care Units

Whether a patient requires oxygen therapy or is in critical care, animals who are in dire need of intensive care units deserve only the highest quality support. As such, Aeolus’s veterinary intensive care units are designed to support pets with the greatest medical needs through ongoing treatment, post-operative recovery, and urgent care.

Our sophisticated design allows these animal ICUs to support hectic emergency animal hospitals, small clinics, and mid-size practices with all their intensive care needs. With a unit from our Kanistar Animal ICU Series, you could be giving each pet that enters your clinic the best shot at a happy and healthy life thereafter.

If you’re interested in any of our animal ICUs below, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Aeolus team today at 469-525-2580. Based out of and showcasing our veterinary intensive care units in Irving, TX, we are the go-to supplier for an international network of veterinary practices. So, wherever you need one of our products, we can get it there.

Introducing Aeolus's UC-2008 & UC-2007: The Apex of Veterinary Intensive Care Units

(For Animal Use Only)

Unveiling the latest in Aeolus's esteemed line of Intensive Care Units: the UC-2008 and UC-2007. These remarkable Animal Intensive Care Units are meticulously engineered for top-tier veterinary establishments – from bustling emergency rooms and expansive hospitals to intimate clinics.

With versatility at their core, they effortlessly cater to a vast range of animal species, ensuring every patient gets optimal care. Meaning that you have a greater chance at success no matter what pet emergency finds its way through your doors and into your professional care.

Let Us Help You With Your Order:

As a veterinary professional, you know what’s best for your patients. Our staff is here to talk you through the finer details of each of our available animal ICUs to ensure you choose the one that will best complement your veterinary services.

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Key Features of the UC-2008 & UC-2007:

Our UC-2008 and UC-2007 units are the fulcrum of our Kanistar Animal ICU Series. From the thermostatic, temperature, and humidity controls of the large-cabin UC-2008 to the nebulization and near-infrared light functionality of the medium-sized UC-2007, it’s hard not to see why they’re so effective and widely sought-after.

The staple features you’ll find in both units include:

  1. Precision Environment Control: Each cabin is a marvel of environmental regulation, proficiently managing humidity, temperature, and oxygen saturation. Oxygen feed, accessible through the machine's side, boasts its dedicated regulator, and with the accompanying DISS to ¼” oxygen adapter, achieving 60% oxygen saturation is a mere 30-45 minute task.
  2. Thermostatic Bed: Strategically positioned at each cabin's base, this feature lets caregivers dynamically adjust the bed's temperature, providing a safe refuge for hyper- or hypothermic animals without altering the overall cabin ambiance.
  3. Integrated Air Conditioning: Beyond heating, these units have a built-in air conditioner, ensuring your animal patients stay at a comfortable temperature irrespective of external conditions.
  4. State-of-the-art Lighting: The multi-faceted lighting system encompasses UV disinfection to mitigate cross-contamination risks, near-infrared for expedited recovery, ambient amber lighting for relaxation, and bright examination lights for thorough inspections.
  5. Advanced Nebulization: An integrated nebulizer ensures effective medication dispensation when needed.
  6. Anion Purification: Bolstering cabin air quality, the Anion button initiates negative ion generation, promoting a more conducive healing atmosphere.
  7. Safety Assured: Embedded with patented emergency ventilation ports and alarm systems for each parameter, Aeolus's ICUs guarantee unmatched safety. Power failures activate the emergency ventilation, ensuring constant airflow, and any deviation from set parameters instantly alerts the caregiver.
  8. Comprehensive Accessories: Each unit arrives equipped with a storage shelf, nebulizer cups, humidifier, privacy curtain, AC unit, and a robust rolling base furnished with lockable caster wheels.
  9. Nursing Indicator Light: Streamlining communication, this innovative light alternates between green, yellow, red, and white, guiding vet technicians on patient priority during shift changes.
Kanistar UC-2008 Animal Intensive Care Units by Aeolus Animal ICU Units that can be used as oxygen therapy cages

Divide & Provide Patient Care in Smaller Spaces With The UC-2008

Though the UC-2008 is the larger unit and is capable of handling much larger pets, it is far more versatile than you might imagine. One of the most important and distinctive features of the UC-2008 is that it can incorporate a unique divider panel, permitting configuration as an expansive, two-cabin unit or a four-cabin unit for multiple smaller animals.

This, of course, allows you to quickly create more housing space for an influx of smaller pets. And on the other hand, if you’re used to handling smaller patients and find yourself dealing with two larger pets, you can easily remove the divider panel to create space for each.


  • UC-2008: A flexible design with two cabins, which can be segregated into four.
    • Overall: 56.5”W X 34”D X62”H
    • Internal Cabin: 45.65”W X 23”D X 28.15”H
  • UC-2007: Dual cabin construction.
    • Overall: 40.8”W X 34”D X 69.5”H
    • Internal Cabin: 31”W X 23”D X 24.25”

No matter whether you choose the UC-2008 or UC-2007, you’re choosing to empower your veterinary establishment with the best in Animal Oxygen Therapy and Veterinary Equipment. Remember, with Aeolus, you're not just selecting a product—you're opting for a legacy of excellence in animal care.

Every question is important when it comes to the care of your patients. If you’d like to know more about Aeolus, one of our Animal ICUs, or one of our other veterinary products, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Kanistar UC-1901 Animal Intensive Care Units by Aeolus Animal ICU Units that can be used as oxygen therapy cages

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Providing proper care for each and every one of your pet patients shouldn’t come at the cost of breaking the bank. Reach out to our team today for a quote and to discuss our various price points and financing options.

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Kanistar Animal ICU UC-1901 by Aeolus: Pioneering Animal Intensive Care for the Modern Veterinarian

(For Animal Use Only)

Step into the next generation of Animal ICU technology: The Kanistar ICU UC-1901. Aeolus, a leader in veterinary equipment, introduces an unmatched Animal Intensive Care Unit, meticulously designed after two decades of groundbreaking research, led by a dedicated veterinarian profoundly invested in animal well-being.

Key Features of the UC-1901

As you’ll see below, the UC-1901 is another industry-leading unit that parallels our UC-2007 and UC-2008 animal ICUs. Perfect for housing a mix of larger and smaller pets and boasting both UV disinfection lights and negative ion generation, there is a lot to love about this model.

A few of those widely sought-after features include the following:

  1. Precision-Controlled Environment: Emphasizing normothermic management, this Animal ICU guarantees meticulously regulated temperatures, humidity, and oxygen saturation, ensuring your patients experience unparalleled Animal Oxygen Therapy. Tailor your settings effortlessly with its cross-circulation heaters, ranging from 59°F to 100.5°F, and maintain optimal humidity across individual chambers.
  2. Cutting-Edge Oxygen Therapy: Outfitted with four unique DISS adapters and individual flow meters for each cabinet, oxygen delivery in this Animal Oxygen Cage is seamless. Attain 40% oxygen concentration under 25 minutes, underscoring the UC-1901’s stature as an elite Veterinary Oxygen Cage. Need a higher oxygen concentration? Not a problem. With the UC-1901's superior door seals and door handles, you can easily reach and maintain a 60% oxygen concentration for a long period of time.
  3. Efficient Nebulization: Our Oxygen Cage integrates a whisper-quiet nebulization system operating at ≤ 40dB, ensuring every animal receives optimal treatment, be it a routine procedure or Animal Emergent Equipment scenarios. With particle sizes of 0.5-2μm and a rate of ≥0.2ml/min, the UC-1901 animal ICU helps provide the tools needed for every veterinary hospital to provide top tier service to their animal patients.
  4. Multi-Functional Lighting Features: Illuminate, soothe, and disinfect with a gamut of lighting options. From 10-stage amber settings and white examination lights to therapeutic blue light and UV disinfection with proven germicidal efficacy, UC-1901 Animal ICU shines in multifunctionality.
  5. Durable and Hygienic Design: Ditching compressed wood for pure stainless steel, the UC-1901 minimizes bacterial growth risks, solidifying its position as state-of-the-art Veterinary Equipment. No more nearly one-use door seals that take hours to replace. The door handle alone will make you excited to get one of these unit in your veterinary clinic.
  6. Intuitive User Experience: touchscreen interface featuring an on-board troubleshooting guide, versatile cabinet configurations, multiple ports for ease of access, and safety-enhanced door design make the UC-1901 Animal ICU user-centric and efficient.
  7. Emergency Ready: Integrated alarms and an emergency ventilation system validate its top-tier status in Animal Emergent Equipment. Quick Touch Screen parameter changes are a huge benefit when needing to quickly set an environment for an emergent patient. With the ability to retain 72 hour's worth of information, your clinic will now have the power to accurately track your successes.

Could the UC-1901 Be the Top Choice for Your Veterinary Practice?

We know that each and every practice that uses one (or multiple) of our veterinary intensive care units in Irving, TX—as well as internationally—is unique in its own way. That’s why we hope that one of our units here at Aeolus is a perfect match for your services—perhaps even the UC-1901!

This unit, made of one large cabin on bottom and two medium cabins on top, measures approximately 5′W×3′D×6′H. The bottom cabin can be split into two, and when split, each side of the large unit will have its own control center. This allows you to treat four different patients all at one time.

Moreover, the Kanistar ICU UC-1901 epitomizes Aeolus's commitment to bridging innovation and optimal animal care. For veterinarians, zoos, universities, and animal care facilities, choosing the UC-1901 transcends being a mere decision; it's an allegiance to delivering unparalleled veterinary care.

If you haven’t found the answers you’re looking for about our UC-2007, UC-2008, or UC-1901 models, be sure to reach out to our team for any further questions. We’re happy and eager to help!

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Blue Light Therapy in the Kanistar UC-1901 Animal Intensive Care Unit

Blue light therapy, traditionally utilized in the treatment of certain human skin conditions and mood disorders, has seen increasing interest in the field of veterinary medicine. For dogs and cats, research shows blue light can offer therapeutic benefits, especially for bacterial infections and some dermatological conditions. Research has shown that blue light can inhibit the growth of certain bacteria, including those responsible for common skin infections. This offers a non-invasive and drug-free option for managing some bacterial skin infections, potentially reducing the reliance on antibiotics and thereby decreasing the risk of antibiotic resistance.

Additionally, preliminary studies suggest that blue light might have anti-inflammatory properties, which can be advantageous for conditions like atopic dermatitis. Don't forget to check out the research that talks about how blue light therapy helps reduce anxiety and depression in diurnal animals! However, it's crucial to note that while blue light therapy shows promise, it should not replace traditional treatments but rather complement them. When considering blue light therapy for a pet, veterinarians should evaluate the specific needs and conditions of the animal, ensuring that the treatment is appropriate and safe.

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If you’re looking to improve your veterinary services and practice with some of the most up-to-date and state-of-the-art animal ICUs available today, then the Kanistar Animal ICU Series is just what you need!

Our veterinary intensive care units in Irving, TX, are delivered worldwide and help to support an ever-growing international network of veterinary practices just like yours. Whether you have further questions about one of our units or you’re ready for a quote, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team by phone at 469-525-2580 or through our convenient online form.

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