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Portable Tables

Portable Tables

Height Adjustable Folding Grooming Table
Height Adjustable Folding Grooming Table

Small Adjustable Grooming Tables

Having the right grooming tools is essential for your job and each pet’s happiness. Our collection of small grooming tables is perfect for combing and brushing small pets, whether they have short or long hair, are getting a routine styling, or are being prepped for show day.

The Aeolus small grooming tools are optimized for your comfort, convenience, and safety. We have designed each table with ergonomics in mind to ensure that your hand and arms remain comfortable even after hours of brushing, de-shedding, and styling your furry friends.

Benefits of Small Grooming Tables

Every pet deserves to be pampered, and a small grooming table is the foundation of any small dog’s or cat’s relaxing experience at your salon. Investing in small grooming tables has several benefits for you and the pets you style.

Personal Height Adjustments

Bring the smallest pets to your level with a height-adjustable small grooming table. Rather than struggle to hold a pet in place as you groom them on a table that’s far too large for their frame, you can make your guest feel more relaxed as you comfortably groom them on a table that’s just their size.

For groomers who find traditional tables too short or tall for their height, an adjustable grooming table allows them to customize their workplace and reduce strain on their limbs as they work.

Foldable Design

The Aeolus Height Adjustable Folding Grooming Table allows you to easily store or transport your table wherever you need to. This makes clean-up at the salon much easier as you can simply tuck the tables away and remove fur from the floor before setting up shop once again.

For groomers that take their services on the go, a folding small grooming table is the foundation of your portable grooming station.

Greater Safety for Clipping, Cutting, and Shaving

When you bring a pet eye-level, it’s much easier to position yourself appropriately while chipping or trimming nails, cutting, or shaving fur. Pets will be more secure on the smaller table, and you can feel at ease while you work.

Get the Best Small Grooming Tables From Aeolus Pet!

We provide professional-grade grooming tables and tools for groomers and passionate pet owners that want to give their fur babies the absolute best. Discover our grooming tables and find the perfect fit for your needs. You can also explore our range of brushes, combs, dryers, leads, and leashes to complete your grooming tool kit!

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